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The Queer Scum Calendar Team proudly presents: The next wonderful Queer Calendar (2013)
from Bremen.

With a new title "maybe queer enough" also comes a new design. In the last years
our calendar was colourful, trashy and highly artificial - in short: camp!
It was about queering heteronormative stereotypes, playfully breaking up the gender binary and leaving gender roles undefined.
The 2013 calendar is very different, but made with just as much love as the previous ones. This year we made a calendar with nude photography. In 13 large-size pictures the person is placed at the center, genuine and up close. Queer people present themselves as they are: naked, imperfect and at their best!

Non-trashy and with a maximum of 27% color, the new look might come as a breach in style but it "may be queer enough"

So why the weird title?
When the idea of a nude calendar first came up it caused long and highly controversial discussions in our community. Are pictures of queer persons automatically queer pictures? Who's queer? Can 13 nude pictures of queer people add up to a queer calendar? What is queer about naked bodies? How can you break the gender binary without DRAG? In spite of all these discussions and doubts next years calendar gives one clear and easy answer: Yes!

We want to acknowlegde that no professional models were standing in front of Anna's camera, who simply did their poses and smiled like they always do. The pictures were taken in an intimate setting, they are honest, respectful and beautiful and they will queer up your room for the next 12 months.

A big Thanks! goes out to all the people who supported our d.i.y-low-budget-no-profit-project. Especially warm thank-you!'s to all the wonderful people who stood in front of the camera, who turned choosing 13 pictures into a series of bloody hard decisions. Thanks also to VIVOLOVIN for the location and last but not least to the krass-team for a wonderful calendar release.

The Queer Scum Calender Crew

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