Anna Krissi


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Once upon a time…in 2007
while trying to find a nice pin-up calendar for the office, without any success at all, we started doing our own d.i.y. calendar right away. And there it was created: a fabulous debut feature. First it was planed to print just one, but it came up to be 50 which could be really quickly found in almost each and every flat-sharing community in Bremen!

Because of the huge sales and the euphoria of the scene in the following year, plans were made for the next calendar, which was sold in nearly all over Europe! And out of a unique event a tradition was born.

The first calendar was created by 4 peoples, who were models and crew at the same time, and it was finished within 24 hours.

Time passes by and the d.i.y.-project was supported and inspired by many people, as part of the calendar-crew and/or model. The calendar increased and there were some cool highlights along the way: newspaper articles in magazines as “L.mag” and “Strassenfeger” and a huge one in a Danish journal. And in 2011 the calendar-crew had an awesome performance at the very first “calendar-release-party”.

All there is left to say: thanks a lot for the support of family and friends and have fun with our calendars!

Sincerely yours, Anna, Coralie and Krissi